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Top 5 games kids play on their tablets

It’s almost impossible to go to a mall, a coffee shop or a playground and not to see at least half of the children staring into their smart gadgets. Children are introduced to the modern technology since the day they are born. Tablets have become very popular and today almost every kid is highly proficient at using them. Children use tablets, like the ones on from the youngest age to communicate, to learn new things in a fun way and, of course, to play games. Playing games on a tablet, surprisingly, has many benefits. For example, it boosts kids’ memory and it’s excellent for the overall cognitive health. What is more, games are great stress relievers. So, let’s find out which are the top five games kids play on their tablets.


#1 Angry Birds

Angry Birds is possibly the most popular game among the kids. Over 50 million individuals have downloaded this, seemingly, simple game. Here, the player has a number of birds given to him to use as projectiles. The aim of the player is to hit pigs that are protected by structures in order to save the birds’ eggs. The players have limited number of birds which requires him to plan the shots very carefully. The cartoon style graphics make it likable to the kids. Also, there is only comic violence and no reading is required which is why it’s appropriate for players ages 5 and up. This game offers kids fun learning experience. Kids learn to plan and develop a systematic approach for achieving goals. Not less important, kids will learn flexibility – how to adapt and adjust to changing conditions.

#2 Cut the Rope

This is another extremely popular and fun series of games. The goal here is to cut the rope and feed the cute little monster. It’s a physics-based puzzle video game with simple mechanics and pleasant graphics and soundtrack. It’s free to play and available on Google Play Store. It makes kids learn to think and use their brains in a fun way while solving puzzles in order to get to the next level. This game contains many elements that follow the rules of physics which make the game very logical and interesting. The bright colors and the use of candy make Cut the Rope even more attractive for young players. It certainly won’t become boring since it revolves around feeding the cutest little monster and it’s not repetitive – each new level introduces new obstacles and tools.

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#3 Explorium: Ocean for the Kids

This is ocean education game that also combines quest and facts about the underwater world. Kids love this game and its characters, Alex and Alice that go on an adventure to find the mysterious Atlantis. Children, together with them follow a map which reveals about the lost city. Kids will take Alex or Alice on a deep dive into the ocean depths which they learn about the underwater life. Along the way, they collect the missing parts of the map and ancient artifacts in order to discover the secrets of the Lost City. Children gain useful knowledge from this game while on an exciting adventure. It also boosts their creativity encouraging them to find ways to collect the items on the quest. It is very popular and suitable amongst the kid’s age 4 to 8.

#4 Candy Crush Saga

Not surprisingly, Candy Crush is one of the most popular games that kids play on their tablets. It’s a puzzle game where players swap colored candy pieces aiming to make a match of three or more in the same color to complete the level. The game boards have goals that have to be reached with a limited number of moves and time. The game also tosses obstacles that players need to overcome such as covering candy in jelly that needs to be eliminated before the candy can be matched. The sweets and candies cause immediate emotional connection with the game and the kids adore it! The colorful graphics and fun soundtrack just add to it. The soothing music helps players to feel relaxed and the other pleasant sounds of candies falling, hitting each other and disappearing, provide unconscious rewards to players’ brains. Although the success in this game relies on luck, it also helps kids to develop their ability to plan and to be flexible in order to achieve the goals. The game is easy and playable by kids age 5 and up.



#5 Talking Tom Gold Run

We are all familiar with the talking Tom and his gang. This app involves cute animal characters that are repeating everything the user says. There is no person who doesn’t like the cute cat Tom and his sweet voice. Talking Tom Gold Run is a game including these characters. In this game, kids need to chase the robber as Talking Tom or Talking Angela and get the gold back and build the dream home. It’s an endless running game which offers the player a chance to explore new worlds and different styles of running. On the go, the player can grab boosts to make the adventure last longer. Also, on the way the player needs to dodge fast cars and trains before the robber manages to get away. Collecting the gold enable the player to help Tom and his gang build their dream house. The appealing and charismatic animal characters make the game very likable to the children. The game shows how important it is to pay attention to the details. For example, cars that you see are flashing the lights, the sound becomes dull when the character puts on the helmet and there are several animations for every action in the game. On top of all this, this game has cute and colorful graphics and, most importantly, it’s a game that immerses players in a way that goes above the routine of a runner game, giving the players a reason to run. This game is free and suitable for kids age 4 and up.








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