advantages of tablets for kids

Advantages of Tablets for Kids

The effects of technology have been gracing us, starting from the industrial revolution till date becoming an inseparable part of our lives. With the advancement of technology, devices such as laptops and tablets have made our lives easier. Most would think that the effects would be on adults as they are more likely to be associated with them for official and work based purposes; however, that is not the case. Children are now also actively involved with technology nowadays. Tablets and other devices are now here to stay and they will definitely impact and change the way we do things; especially the way children learn and the way they’re educated.



Why use tablets?

As a parent, seeing your child spend a lot of time with a tablet can make you feel concerned. Many would think that playing outside, reading and other activities would be a much better substitute for them as they have been for them in the past. While physical activities, reading books and other traditional activities may play a very important role in children’s lives, tablets can also play a major role in their education even though it may not be very evident to us all the time. Many young children don’t begin communicating and learning through reading and writing. This is where technology comes in. By using technology in the right way, they can express themselves creatively.

How tablets can benefit kids

Tablets, as discussed before can help children in numerous ways, especially in the field of education. Tablets have a place in the development of children while learning in schools and in their home environment. This has opened a gigantic window of chance in kids’ learning and communicating abilities alike. Like with anything however, balance is vital and there is nothing superior to genuine hands-on learning, opening doors for our kids. Let us look at few of the many ways it can help:

  1. Encourage communication

Many children (including children with special needs) have a lot of problems communicating with adults and even children of their age. When it comes to education, it can prove to be a major obstacle for them. Indirectly may it be, it can hinder their learning ability. This is where tablets can come in to save the day. Through voice and video calls they can speak and know friends and relatives who cannot be there with all the time. This is especially advantageous for working parents as they can help them learn and empower them to communicate with the help of videos and visually engaging activities. Apps such as Viber can help them communicate with other in fun and innovative ways with the help of stickers and gifs. The possibilities are endless!


  1. Make education fun!

Something is only interesting when it is fun. As education is a vital part of children’s lives, it is absolutely mandatory to get them as engaged as possible. Again through the help of many educational apps, websites and videos, education can be made easy and interactive for children of varying ages. There are many educational apps that are free and paid for adults to help children. Look for apps and games that are open minded and have different ‘levels’. Meaning they the games become progressively harder; which will engage their attention as well as sharpen their minds. Teaching and encouraging them to explore ideas and solve problems can help them become curious and out spoken which will lay the foundation for their future education. Apps such as CBeebies Playtime, CBeebies Storytime and Creative Corner are absolutely free apps that can be used on tablets and provide a wealth of knowledge for tiny tots.


  1. Awaken their creative side

Many parents nowadays do not find the time to sit with children to participate in creative activities. Art and music not only play a major role in their general well being, but also help them prepare their mind for future education. Tables can come very handy in these cases. Art supplies such paper and paint can be a hassle for some just like finding an instrument to play or looking of lyrics of a song. This is especially evident when parents are caught up in their work. Tablets can offer a range of applications where children can paint and even sing. As it is hassle free, parents can easily take some time out to join in with their activities. There are many different apps that can provide colouring books or simply teach children to draw. Websites such as YouTube and Smule can help them with singing by providing karaoke and interactive musical games to keep their young minds busy.



All that being said, though many parents are cautious with the idea of their children spending time with tablets, the benefits clearly outweigh the draw backs. So what are you waiting for?

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